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TotalDesigning offers a full range of solution for most type of online business. Excellent for small, medium size businesses or business start up.

Website Development

We can devolop websites to your needs. We specialise in car-related websites and hospitality, but if you want to have a webiste where people can search for proprties or you want to have your own discount card system you are in the best place! Just because it is not listed, it′s worth to ask us, more then likely we can help.

  • Website re-coding
  • Website Development
  • HTML & PHP websites
  • Built-in search engine
  • Car Dealer website
  • Estate Agnecy website
  • Database design
  • Database editing
  • Database implementation
  • Database import/ export
  • Discount-card system
  • Emailing system

Website Design

You want a stunning, high resolution, fresh front-end design that you and your clients will love? We combine our imagination with your idea.

  • Beautiful front-end design
  • Outstanding graphic design
  • PHP & HTML front-end design
  • WordPress front-end design


We are very skillful in website optimization. If your website is lacking speed and/ or performance then we can help you. We will inspect your website (without login), determine what causing the slow-down. We will be able to tell you the overall performance of your website. Inspection is FREE!

  • Speed-up
  • Website optimization
  • WordPress optimization
  • Image optimization
  • CACHE optimization


We can do beautiful things with WordPress. Whether it′s modification, optimization, adding new elements or features we can help you with countles things. If it′s not listed here, worth to ask us, more then likely we can help.

  • Themplate re-coding
  • New Fuctions
  • Clean up
  • Checkout modification
  • Create shopping area
  • Customize shopping area
  • Image handling - disk space management
  • Back-end modification
  • Plugin error - fix conflicts


We can help you to be more visible and make search engines be your friend. So customers find you easier.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytic
  • Webmaster Tool
  • WordPress SEO

Graphic Design

High resolution, rich content what look stunning on website and in printed format too.We work with the best programs to create and achive the best possible artwork

  • Illustrations
  • Photoshop work
  • Logo, business cards
  • Leaflets, flyers
  • Banners, signs
  • Bus ″T″ adverts, posters
  • Van artwork
  • Other artworks

Hosting service

We provide bulletproof SSL or Non-SSL hosting with C-panel for websites. Perfect for wordpress websites with many active plugins, E-commerce, HTML, PHP. We offer free assistance with domain transfer and will provide emails for your domains.

  • Pro Private Server
  • Email accounts
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Limited bandwidth - money saver
  • C-panel
  • Perfect for WordPress
  • SSL connection - like our website
  • Bulletproof
  • We transfer your domain to it for free
  • Unlimited domain forwarding


Our creative photographer has perfect eye to capture the most important moments of yours or to take pictures of objects you like in a different perspective. She is very skillful!

  • Wedding photography
  • Personal photography
  • Couples photography
  • Family photography
  • Object photography

Branding & Manufacturing

TotalDesigning does Branding for new brands or re-branding exiting ones. We also create artworks for labeling purpose for drinks an food.

  • Branding new brand
  • Re-branding - slight or mayor modification
  • Food packaging label
  • Drink label
  • Shrink labels - 4-pack, 8-pack of can drinks

Fabolus Graphic Design

High Quality, High Resolution, Precise, Stunning...

TotalDesigning is the Graphic Designer of MangaJo Drinks and we keep their website up to date.
We create stunning art work for them for all their requirements, including artworks for all of the drink bottles, flyers, cards, t-shirts, signs, magazine-adverts.

MangaJo is a demanding company when it comes to quality of their products or to their apparence.. So do we! And we think that′s why they work with TotalDesigning.

They know we are there for them and they can rely on us, allways.